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I've tried the bulletproof diet for a couple of weeks in the past and felt good. I stopped because I was concerned that after my intense early gym workout at 5/6am I rather needed some protein than fats and coffee such as eggs or a protein shake with 40/50mg of grass fed whey protein. Why didn't I drink the protein shake and the bulletproof coffee after? Because I thought it would kill the purpose.

I understand the benefit of intermittent fasting (giving your system a break, using your existing fat as primary the energy source) BUT since I sometimes work out twice a day / 5x a week I don't think that from only consuming the coffee and having lunch with a tiny dinner I will get the protein to recover especially after my early workout? What do you think? I'm 6'3 , 28yrs young, 205lbs, pretty fit and I disagree with only consuming 0.5g / kg bodyweight.


  • First of all, i hope you aren't training with weights 2 times per day 5 times a week, because a natural athlete couldn't recover from that stress (sure, if you keep your volume veeeeery low, it could work)

    i like to have a meal 1 hour after my workout. There are many debates if whey kicks you out of keto.
    I did some tests ( measured blood ketones) and it didn't kick me out of keto. i mixxed 50 g of natural whey with 400 ml of coconut milk and drank it post workout.

    I try to get like 1.2-1.5 g of protein per kg of bodyweight.
    For me it's working fine but every organism works in it's own way

    get the best out of you, physically and mentally:

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    I would also be worried about your carb intake. With working out so much, you definitely need 200 g minimum.

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