Can I eat fruit during intermittent fasting at night?

I have over 30 lbs I would like to lose. I am a 51 year old woman as well. I just did my first day today. OMG was I hungry this morning, and then I ate lunch and felt full.

thanks in advance


  • Yup, some fruit at night isn't bad.
    Berries are the best.

  • Fruit during your fast will cause you to break your fast bc or the impact it can have on your blood sugar levels

  • I had Strawberries and black berries yesterday...1st They were a wonderful refreshing treat in a meal plan of mostly fats... 2nd I lost weight the next day still! (I am out of test strips so I cant speak to my ketosis level)

  • Eat some berries if you want but it should be in your eating time. I think that’s the idea of IF. It’s got to do with blood sugar and insulin levels levels etc. Hang in there. You will get more used to it and maybe even like it.

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