Generalize anxiety disorder

Good afternoon,

I'm recovering from a generalized anxiety disorder, I found Dave in a tony robbins podcast, I immediately bought the book, because I feel that in my recovery I'm missing something, the bulletproof diet can help me recover completely in a biological way ?

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  • Hi and welcome,

    The diet is only a portion of the bulletproof lifestyle, which can help you recover completely. Ways in which you deal with stress are a major contributor to the happiness and improved mental well being you can achieve on bulletproof.

    Not sure which book of his you have, but all 3 big ones have LIFESTYLE tips, such as meditation and workout, that pair well with the diet to get the outcome you desire.

    Good luck!

  • Hi @James0903 , now Im reading the bulletproof diet, Im gonna investigate about all the lifestyle package to "hack" my anxiety, my question is the bulletproof diet is gonna help me bilogically or can interact negatively with my anxiety ? Im taking escitalopram 10mg, Im reducing the dosage soon.

  • I have not heard of any contraindications between pharmaceuticals and the bulletproof diet.
    A few months of this lifestyle and your doctor might get you off that med.

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