Each of the BP supplement bottles says what the Serving Size is, but it doesn't say when to take them. Is it important to take them with (or without) meals, or morning/night? Prescription supplements always have this information on the label, so I was wondering if this applies to the Bulletproof supplements.

I've just started taking Polyphenomenol, Glutathione and Eye Arbor and have been swallowing them all at one time in the morning along with my Turmeric supplements. Is this ok? Thanks!


  • I remember hearing on a podcast that Dave takes most of his with his morning coffee, then the other half with lunch. Some at bed too.

    It all depends on the supplement, but most are fine with food. Some people feel the effects more of the stimulant type drugs more on an empty stomach though.

  • Thanks James. I'll try spacing them out as you suggested. Seems like when I take them with only coffee in the morning I feel nauseous. I will space them out and take with lunch and dinner meals.

    The only thing I take right now is Turmeric, vit D, vit C, Biotin, Folic Acid, Bp Eye Armor, Polyphenomenol, and Glutathione. I should probably take more supplements but don't really know what else to take. I'll have to read more posts and see what everyone else takes. Choosing supplements has always been difficult for me except for the real common ones and obviously needed stuff like Turmeric which I rely on to control my arthritis pain.

    I'm relatively new to the forum and the BP way of life, but so far am loving what it's done for me and my husband--both of us down 30 pounds and feeling more energetic. Happy!

    Thanks again for your reply

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