molybdenum reactions / side effects

Couldn't find anything on the internet that touches on this or other posts here so figured i'd raise the question and see if anyone else has had similar results or has a better understanding of what might be going on.

I wanted to see if anyone out there has had any adverse reactions to molybdenum.
I've recently started experimenting with molybdenum to see if it would help with a suspected thiol sensitivity that i seem to have developed while dealing with toxic levels of mercury. Upon taking it (molybdenum HVP chelate 150mcg from New Roots) my heart rate consistently (the 4 times i've tried this) starts to climb drastically for a few hours. (from an average of 75 to around 90-110bpm and even higher). Completely normalizes the next morning.

Note that I do have a CBS mutation A360A ++ and slightly less than ideal homocysteine levels that we've been slowly bringing down for the past couple years if this at all fits into this world somehow.

I'm going to run another little experiment and post the results but in the mean time wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.


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