Urgent: Can't remember nerve repair supplement, friend in motorcycle accident

Hey everyone,

My good friend was recently in a bad motorcycle accident and now has lost most function in his left arm. It just happened a few days ago, so I know this time right now is crucial. I've been searching the BP articles trying to find a supplement I heard on one of his podcasts, and I'm hoping my vague recollection can help you tell me what it is.

Here's all I remember about the episode:
-the guest was male
-the supplement started with a D and was an acronym
-Dave and the guest were talking about how it is very helpful for nerve repair and TBI if taken as soon as possible after an accident. I remember Dave saying he wants to put a tiny bottle of it in his glove box so that if he is in a bad car accident he can drink it right away.

Is this jogging anyone's memory? Or has this been discussed on a different podcast? I'm hoping that instead of wasting time mindlessly scouring the forums and internet that someone out there will know what the name of it is so that my friend can get to it sooner.

Thanks everyone


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