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    Well Smart Drugs for Thought has posted their COA of Adrafinil onto their Facebook, and it's reportedly 100.7% pure, hope this helps anyoone in the states that doesn't have or can't get a prescription for Modafinil.

  • The best place to get it is to buy the brand name Provigil from a reputable pharmacy.  I tried Provigil once and it was by far the most effective of all the different modafinil types out there.  However if your insurance doesn't cover it it will cost something like $10-$20 a pill.


    I can't afford that so I use an overseas pharmacy and buy an brand made in India (by Sun Pharma, the largest pharmaceutical producer in the world) .  There is a lot of trust issues though.   Is the product made correctly, is it cut with anything, is it even really from Sun Pharma to begin with?  On top of all of that most do not take credit cards at all (something to do with high charge backs or Visa and MC don't want anything to do with the business), so you have to take a leap of faith and either pay by ACH (give out your checking account #) or wire them cash with Money Gram/Western Union.  And if Sun Pharma makes a good product, the online pharmacy stocks an authentic Sun Pharma product, and they don't just rip you off or do bad things with you ACH info, it could still get seized by customs.  They say a certain percentage of shipments will get seized and they'll reship free of charge, but luckily I haven't had to deal with that yet.


    Having said all of that I have bought a brand called Modalert from www.thepharmacyexpress.com for over 3 years now.  I spend a hair under $200 for 200 count of 200mg pills (3-6 months supply for me and my brother).  I send my money though Money Gram.  Product usually arrives in 10-14 days.  One time after not getting it for 20 days I emailed them, and the didn't get my email with the Money Gram control #, and they sent it out right away.  That was the only hiccup, and they are always responsive to emails unless there is some kind of holiday.


    Also just to be clear it is not illegal to order like this (in the US anyway) if you have a prescription.  I used to go get one whenever I was about to place an order.  But it was a $20 copay and 2 hours I had to take off work, so I stopped doing that (plus now I don't have insurance anyway).  To be clear I'm taking a risk.  It's not in the same class as Oxycontin punishment wise, but I encourage everyone to do their own research about possible consequences of getting charged with possession without a prescription.


    I posted similar info in the comments of one of the blog posts about modafinil.  It got deleted as spam.  I'm not shilling for that company.  I'm sure there are other, possibly better sources out there.  I just wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with everyone who may be interested.

  • Hey guys, Ive recently had a good experience with  mymodafinil.net. Im in Ireland so they wont deliver to Ireland but I found away around this hurdle.

  • Can't you just ask your doctor? Look at a few symptoms and discuss it with him...

  • im in the uk and get mine from http www.unitedpharmacies-uk.md/home.php?cat=28&sort=orderby&sort_direction=0&page=1 , get them shipped from america , which is not illegal. its illegal to sell an distribute modafinil but not illegal to have it imported.

  • does anyone else experience a come down effect? if i have too much , the next day ill feel abit lifeless an like im to void of emotions to muster up words for people. now i limit myself to 100mg on weekends and seem to be ok with that

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    I would suggest lowering your dosing and if that doesn't work out try using some Adrafinil. Adrafinil is a precursor to Modafinil, that is turned into modafinil within the liver.

  • I would suggest lowering your dosing and if that doesn't work out try using some Adrafinil. Adrafinil is a precursor to Modafinil, that is turned into modafinil within the liver.

    im gona try that stuff , i thought its more powerful though? i seem to be okay with the come down effect now , maybe its somthing to do with eatin bulletproof.

  • does anyone here take modafinil everyday? or have anything to say about having modafinil as a regular part of life , positive or negative.

  • So I thought I'd share my experience trying to go the "traditional" route. I got a prescription for 60 pills at 100mg each from my doctor whom I've been seeing for a while now and who knows me well. I took it to the pharmacy and although they did not have any in stock and would have to order them in I could pick them up tomorrow, I asked, out of curiosity, how much the 60 pills at 100mg each would cost, he said let me run it though the system, come back in 20 minutes. I went back and asked him for the cost, he laughed, handed a piece of paper to me with the order information on it and the cost was $1200. No joke. So I requested only 6 pills so I could try them and make a decision about how the f*ck I'm going to get more in the future.


    Btw I have incredibly good insurance (thank you parents) so the pharmacist and I were both surprised that my insurance would not cover any of the cost. 


    Anybody else try and go the "traditional" route? Any advice? $20 per pill seems f*cked. 

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  • I've been taking it almost daily for a few months now.


    I'm sensitive to it so it differs for me slightly.


    Increases ability to become anxious slightly. Feeling stress from life problems increases. Not to be confused with feeling jittery, or amped up. That doesn't happen.


    Sometimes makes it hard to sleep. It lasts a long time. Best to take it first thing in the AM. Use sleep hack methods to ease into sleep at night. Magnesium and 5HTP/melatonin work great.


    All others are all the positives from ADD meds except it isn't super speedy or ruin your personality.



    modup.net works very well

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  • I ordered from sunmodalert on the 5th. I paid with PayPal. It dispatched on the 8th and arrived via Parcelforce in London on the 12th. I tracked the order online.


    I haven't taken any yet so I can't verify the quality. I'll update when I have.


    I'd attach a photo of the package, but I don't know how :S

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  • Hi,

    I am also thinking of ordering Provigil /Modafinil after I read this article: http://healthcareboards.com/provigil-the-secret-to-success/

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