Neurofeedback interactions with noopept and pramiracetam

I used to have great results with noopept and pramiracetam, but now I experience brainfog even on 4mg of noopept.

BTW for background, my daily stack now is: multi-vitamins, omega oils, 200mg bacopa moneri, 1 gram lions mane, 150mg citicoline. Ive been doing NIR HEG and 4 channel eeg neurofeedback for about 5 months now which I highly recommend.

It took me a while to realise why, but then I remembered reading "the girl who lived" blog that a woman who was on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs for many years needed to cut down after starting eeg neurofeedback.

The theory is that neurofeedback changes you brain use patterns in such a way that drugs that were useful become overkill or counter-productive. Caffeine still has a similar effect to what it used to. It feels a bit less intense because now my baseline is more focused, there is a less of a contrast between being on or off caffeine.

Im not unhappy with this outcome BTW since my general ability to focus is much improved.

Has anyone else experienced or read anything about this? Or alternatively, can anyone else think of any other explanation as to why occasional noopept and pramiracetam use now gives me brainfog?



  • hzahza ✭✭

    I've had a lot of trouble balancing choline with racetams. I'm definitely not choline-dominant, but even a little over the line and I get all kinds of problems. Since you've been doing nfb long enough, maybe cut out the noopept (4 mg is a lot anyway) and pramiracetam/citicholine for 2-4 weeks and see what happens, and then maybe try re-introducing them gradually after that.

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