I m new to bio hacking.
I did use piracetam with choline previously, as my friend told me about nootropics.
Here is my question:
I would like to start moda with alpha gpc, at first start moda solely to understand my response to it, then add alpha gpc.
All I'm looking for is having no side effects, could you please tell me how to prevent headaches? I understand the fact the moda isn't for anybody.



  • Doping for the brain: The active ingredient modafinil can actually improve cognitive performance. However, the positive effect is noticeable only in more complex mental processes, not in simple memory tasks, as a meta-study shows. The drug, which is only approved for narcolepsy and severe sleep disorders, is therefore a true neuro-enhancer in the researchers' opinion - raising ethical issues...We have a team of online pharmacists, they share their knowledge about Modafinil here...

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