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I tried a sensory deprivation tank or an isolation tank as I have heard people say. It was a 2 hour float session, with nothing but my heart beat and my mind. I struggled for control and wanted to get out multiple times.

I did try this out on accident when I yawned, I noticed a high pitch sound coming through the water. So I smiled and another high pitch sound. I then proceeded to frown and make sad, angry and painful faces so I could see what happened, and sure enough every negative facial expression created a deep low-pitch sound. But yawning and smiling created high pitched sounds. I then tested each one like 20 times to make sure I wasn't going crazy. I told the owner and he couldn't believe he didn't think of that and was like wow.... Anyways I am assuming it could be the muscles in my face creating a vibration in the water however only my ears were in the water not my entire face so it was pretty awesome.

After this experience I could start feeling people empathically for this last month and could feel their negative or positive energy without even looking at them. This is some crazy shit trust me, I went in there trying to disprove all of it. is the place I went to in Seattle. Anyone else experience this type of thing? What was it like?
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    Awesome idea! I'm planning on visiting one once I have my Zeo baseline. Apparently they help with your sleep.
  • Cool observation. Ever since watching Altered States I've been interested in the idea of having all the outside influences snuffed out, and being alone with my thoughts. I'll have to look up where to rent one. Sounds like it kinda opens some doors like LSD did. image/icon_e_smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-)' />
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  • I really wanna try this, looking for a venue in Aus!

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    These guys are in Bondi, I have them on my list to try out:

  • I tried it once... kept floating into the side of the thing. Oops.

  • this sounds insane man!  i don't have sensory deprivation tank anywhere near where i live. But there are a few swimming pools. Do you think it's possible to create the same effect in a swimming pool?

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    Here's the best website to lean about floatation tanks and find where to float in an isolation tank You can easily find a floatation tank location near you!

  • Float tanks are wonderful but an hour at a time is plenty. You get most of the benefits from the improved sleep afterwards. Plus the more you use them the quicker you get at falling into a relaxed state when you are in one.

  • Hackergirl - Actually, the most benefits come after the 45 minute mark. Many centres do 90 mins as standard, since a person basically uses the first 30-45 mins to just 'get into the float' :)

  • Maybe not a swimming pool, you would need a ton of salt first of all, but pretty sure you can make your own with the right blueprints. 

  • I did it once and was "eh" on the experience. I found it cool, but I think Joe Rogan overhyped it. However, I do think I need to do it at least 2-3 more times and maybe take some caffeine beforehand. I felt drowsy and didn't give it the benefit of the doubt.

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    Floatation Tanks (My Experience) thread


    Got 2 more sessions paid for, just need to go!


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  • Relevant -- In-home float tank Kickstarter just fired up today.

   (redirects to KickStarter).  They hit 30% funded in the first few hour so far.



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    So.... ryanmercer... how much experience do you have floating in a float tank? And how much experience do you have running a float centre?

    Oh, and $1700 is not very expensive. People regularly spend more than that on TV's, Computers, cars, and a variety of other things. Compared to the prices of commercial float tanks, $1700 is peanuts. Especially with the value that comes with floating.


    I took another look at the walmart pool. It's flimsy, too high, has no pump (so you'd have to pay more to get a pump setup going with it), you'd have to put something over top of it to block light. Plus it has no heat system. All in all, with the work involved, and R&D even with the walmart pool (which is a trash pool)... you'd still be looking at the $1500-$2000 neighborhood for a tank.


    For something that is designed by experienced float patrons, for float patrons... and designed to handle all aspects of floating... $1700 is a very very reasonable price. It makes sense that they'd start from scratch, and build something that is made to handle the water, along with the Epsom Salt. And provide the dark space. And the heat.


    Also.. 2 words: Epsom Salt. It'd eat the walmart pool apart.


    One more thing: Since you obviously have a lot of experience with Float Tanks (since you're of the authority to say that it could be done better your way), I challenge you to do just that. Make a high quality $300-$350 tank. Because obviously you see how it can be done. So do it.


    And just so everybody can understand why I feel that a $1700 investment is 100% fair.... Samadhi Float Tanks and Oasis Float Tanks (entry level commercial tanks), run at $10,000. The current lowest investment tank is $6-7k. $1700 for a tank which you can easily set up at home? Fully a fair price.

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    I'm very happy to see that kickstarter..  :cool:

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