calculating xylitol stats

I've been losing weight on BP, but slower than I think I should be. I use stevia in my BP coffee, but for fat bombs and sweet treats I usually used crystallized xylitol. I realized I've been leaving it out of my nutritional information because it's supposed to have basically 0 net carbs. However, it still has a substantial number of calories, and maybe my thinking it's "free" is hurting me. (Although I do aim for a net deficit of 1000 calories/day, so I should conceivably have some wiggle room here.) If anyone on here pays attention to that sort of thing, how do you enter xylitol into a recipe nutrition count?


  • Okay, I may have answered my own question. I had been using the Fitbit food diary, which showed 85 (!) carbs for the one-third cup of Xylitol I was using in a recipe. But I just now looked at MyFitnessPal and for the same amount they show only 10 g of carbs and 4 g of fiber for 144 calories, which isn't nearly so bad especially as the recipe makes four servings. I like those numbers better!

  • I honestly have no idea with Xylitol at this point. Dave says don't count them at all, but it feels like this should only apply to Erythritol since Xylitol has a glycemic index and affects blood sugar... basically I have only been having Xylitol occasionally for this reason (I use it for Get Some Ice Cream because other sweeteners make the ice cream inedible and also if its already in something like breathe mints or the bulletproof cold-brews.)

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