calculating xylitol stats

I've been losing weight on BP, but slower than I think I should be. I use stevia in my BP coffee, but for fat bombs and sweet treats I usually used crystallized xylitol. I realized I've been leaving it out of my nutritional information because it's supposed to have basically 0 net carbs. However, it still has a substantial number of calories, and maybe my thinking it's "free" is hurting me. (Although I do aim for a net deficit of 1000 calories/day, so I should conceivably have some wiggle room here.) If anyone on here pays attention to that sort of thing, how do you enter xylitol into a recipe nutrition count?


  • Okay, I may have answered my own question. I had been using the Fitbit food diary, which showed 85 (!) carbs for the one-third cup of Xylitol I was using in a recipe. But I just now looked at MyFitnessPal and for the same amount they show only 10 g of carbs and 4 g of fiber for 144 calories, which isn't nearly so bad especially as the recipe makes four servings. I like those numbers better!

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