MCT Oil Disappointment

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First of all, let me say how incredible I think the Bulletproof Coffee is, and for the energy it gives me throughout the day.

I started drinking Bulletproof Coffee a little over a week ago. The recipe up until the last two days has been 1 tbs Kerrygold butter, 1 tbs virgin coconut oil, and organic coffee. It has been phenomenal! I felt an immediate sense of clarity and fortitude. My workouts from day one at the gym were incredible! And I experienced all this while fasting for 18 hours. I eat in the evenings now between 6pm and midnight (6 hours).

I had not expected such immediate and dramatic results to be honest. Although I had experimented off and on with intermittent fasting in the past, I never had so much energy while fasting and such little hunger. To say the least, I am very pleased, and so grateful to have found The Bulletproof Diet.

Which brings me to the subject of this discussion.

I thought if MCT oil is so much more effective than coconut oil, then I should at least try the stuff. So I purchased a name-brand MCT oil from a trusted manufacturer and substituted the MCT oil in place of the coconut oil in my Bulletproof Coffee.

Here is where the disappointment comes in ... for the last two days since making the change to MCT oil, I feel run down, with hunger panes, and with some brain fog. I also feel a bit of queasiness in my stomach, and to be honest, the coffee tasted so much better with the coconut oil. It's almost like I'm back to where I started, before ever having tried Bulletproof Coffee.

I just can't understand why the coffee with MCT oil was not a lot better, or at least as good as, the coconut oil recipe.

Has anyone had a similar reaction?


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