coconut milk in bulletproof coffee

Does adding coconut milk to my bulletproof coffee break intermittent fasting? I loooooove it in my morning cup, but I would like to lose some weight. I apologize if it's an obvious question but I'm totally new to these topics.


  • You're going to break your fast, in a traditional sense, if you exceed like...50 calories at once time. Or that's what people say at least. You've probably heard things like, "you can have coffee while fasting", or "a little bit of cream probably wont break your fast" The bulletproof way of fasting involves drinking all the fat you want and staying in a fasted state...because fat doesn't trigger an insulin response like carbs and protein do. I'm not sure if I completely buy that though. It seems theoretical at best...but it definitely makes sense.

    Dave did an an article about bulletproof additions for the coffee, and coconut milk makes the list. I'm sure all this keeps you in that bulletproof fasted state, but I'm sure it's only up to a certain point. I'm sure enough raw egg, chocolate, and coconut oil at one time will trigger enough of a response to break your fast, but Dave mentioned no limitations to this additions to remain bulletproof fasted.

    So I would figure as long as you aren't taking in over 50 calories from carbs and/or protein at one time, than you should theoretically still be in this theoretical bulletproof fasted state.

    Personally, I have 2 eggs in my coffee with some other more negligible caloric ingredients, along with about 30 grams of unsweetened baking chocolate to have about an hour later. There's about a little over 100 calories from carbs and protein in there, but 50 calories aren't exceeded at one time. But as I said...this seems theoretical at best. I try to do traditional fasting at least once week...but this coffee is just too damn good, lol.

  • If weight loss is your only concern, even if you do break your fast, the fats in full fat coconut milk are good for weight loss.

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