Weight Loss plateau for an two year bulletproofer!

Hello, everyone, I am curious, as to what to do about this stubborn last three pant sizes that wont come off?

I have been a bulletproof woman for about two years now, I am 28, a veteran, and I have to say that the results don't lie, I love the way this method has changed my life!

When I left the army I grew to a size 16/220 lbs (I'm five feet tall and small framed so that's pretty big) and I am now at about a 9/10 pants size after discovering this remarkable lifestyle, and learning some other holistic methods of self healing. not just my weight, but my mental capability and my sense of emotional well being have drastically improved, and my blood tests as well. the only frustrating thing is that I have been stuck in a weight loss plateau for about 6 months now, and while I feel happy and sound of mind and body, I know it is still well within my reach to get to 120 pounds, and I believe I can still improve my health as a whole.

I am not on birth control (off for about a year) and I don't know if maybe my hormones are still out of whack? I was making steady progress with my weight until that 6 months ago (no I am not pregnant). I don't exercise (yet)and I eat 30/30/30 (non inflammatory fats/veggies/meat, with a little dairy on the side). I also religiously take vitamin and nutritional supplements, probiotic supplements,ketone salts, and free form amino acids (almost every kind) in powder form (all correct dosage) that I take in a veggie and fat shake every day to fill in the gaps in my food intake. I also do a lot of holistic therapy to look after my kidneys, gallbladder, and liver with all the information I have uncovered in my health journey. I sleep about 6-7 hours a night, and meditate twice a day because my job is very stressful (work 4pm-12am in a high stress position). I follow the 80% full rule when eating very closely due to medical issues with my stomach, and I am not an emotional eater because when I am overly stressed I actually cannot digest anything due to my stomach issues. I do not consume caffeine.

the only time I can think that I start to crave more carbs is during my PMS week, right before my cycle starts. it's not bad, but enough for me to notice. I also notice chronic fatigue on this week. otherwise I am mostly fine.

should I do some blood tests, like a hormone panel, or what else can I do to proceed and reach my goal? My research skills are tapped out and I need more information. I want permanent weight loss AND optimum health, so what should I do to push even farther? what type of exercise should I do, and what else can I do as a woman and a person to help along my progress?


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