Eating Out BP Diet/Headstrong at Shake Shack etc possible?

Is eating out possible at places like Shake Shack, Chipotle, Panera Bread, Wild Fig, Just Falafel, Five Guys, Au Bon Pain, Starbucks, Taco Bell? Basically do any places have high fat meals that are passable.

Have tried things like Sun Basket delivering but don't have a big enough fridge/price is high for me.


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    It isn't possible to eat STRICTLY BP at such places, but if you're willing to make some compromises you may be able to get away with a reasonably paleo meal.

    At burger places, I sometimes do bunless burgers, and add whatever decent toppings they have on hand. Lettuce, bacon, avocado, egg, etc. I eat Chipotle with frequency. The oils they cook everything in are not really BP, but you can still enjoy a somewhat healthy meal there. Skip the tortillas and do a bowl instead. If you need the carbs, ask for rice. Their meats and cheese are pastured, IIRC, so this puts Chipotle head and shoulders above most chains. Add guac, salsa and lettuce and you've got a reasonably healthy meal.

    I love Panera, but the only thing they serve that really approaches BP is a salad. Unfortunately they use soy/canola oils in almost all of their dressings, so either plan ahead and take your own dressing, or take the nutritional hit and just eat theirs.

    I only drink coffee at Starbucks, though on the rare occasions I've gone looking for food there, I've found them to always carry stocks of fairly paleo snacks like Kind bars, dark chocolate, jerky, hard boiled eggs, etc. Check ingredient lists, of course.

    If you want to be strictly Bulletproof, try to look at menus and ingredient lists before you visit a restaurant and have some idea of what you're going to ask for before you even walk in. It's possible to eat well even at fast food restaurants, but it'll take some work on your end.

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  • Theres an irish bar across the street from my work...i usually bring my own food but i was in a pinch last week. I ordered a medium cooked steak salad with cucumbers and 2 thick tomato slices rather than cherry tomatos so i can trim the seed pockets where most of the lectins are.(peeling skin is usually too much trouble.) Id say isolating major lectin sources in tomato should bring it at least one step closer to green. For dressing....get this...i asked for a side of melted butter.

    Butter in salad is so good, and heres why its great at restaurants. Yes...its probably microwaved, but were talking very short microwave exposure. Restaurants always give you more than you need, and i noticed in my unfortunately plastic sauce tray of butter, its looks like a micro sized pot of freshly prepared ghee ready to be strained... So i poured the butter fat keeping almost all of the solids in the tray, so my dressing was essentially ghee, grain fed ghee, but still near the green.

    It would be awesome if i could grate an ounce or so of frozen butter over it to mimmick cheese...

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