Superior Health- morning routine

my morning routine could have fitted in Athletic performance, but because of my search for IMPROVING MY BRAIN with happy hormones and FEELING GOOD: im gonna write this topic in the Brain hacking.

EVERY SINGLE Morning that I wake up:
first 1 or 2 glasses of water. and then:

HRV training: Heart coherence training with Heartmath: 15min and more!

Rebounder training 14/15min sometimes even more like 22/24 25 and so on. and then

Jump rope: 3 rounds: 2m 2m and as far as I can get ! mostly now 2m 4m and then 6m and longer !

and then COLD SHOWERS like the Wim Hof method! I LOVE IT !

I am doing now for 4 weeks on straight, sometimes I skip jump rope in the end cause of the PAIN in my legs. and also not good enough sleep, I mean still not feeling great when waking up.

but I drink now Magnesium powder with water before sleep. that helps.


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