Cord Blood Banking

I'm currently expecting my 2nd child this Nov. and am interested in peoples' experience with cord blood banking. Any recommendations on the best companies, value, access to stem cells, etc. would be appreciated. I did not bank my first child's cord blood, due to financial limitations, but am seriously considering it this time. Thanks!


  • I banked with a Florida company years ago and frankly, I have to be sure to remember that we have it and to transfer the account #'s, etc. to new computers when we get them. (I also try to make sure the company is still in business every few years and I try to make sure 4 or 5 people besides myself have the info (since it will be hard to dig up far in the future when my kids are grown, etc.). BTW - I recently saw some marketing from a company on social media that was pitching sending in your kids' tooth-fairy teeth to capture their stem cells

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