Hacking Parkinson's

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Hey there everyone,

I have a strong history of Parkinson's in my family... I am 23 years old, I eat a bulletproof diet, and have a healthy lifestyle.

I am wondering what you all have to say about taking preventative measures towards Parkinson's, and what everyone knows about eliminating the possibility of getting it. I have read about how it can be hereditary, although I feel there are surely ways to prevent it from happening.

All thoughts and information appreciated!

Thank you


  • This is unknown territory, but i would place my bet on a clean diet that works for you. Also, statins and pesticides are likely causative agents, so avoid those. Do the 23 and me genetic test as they will now reveal if you have a genetic predisposition to PD. I know 2 people (one is my father) that have PD, but do not have the genetic predisposition. Both are long time stain users and have lots of exposure to pesticides. 23 and me will also tell you if you are one of types who should not eat a high fat diet, so that would also be critical to know at your young age.

    Hope that helps a little.


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