Any 100% Metal Filters Out There?

I was just poking around the store for new items since the last time I looked and found

And I've looked around Amazon etc...and tend to find similar...mainly stainless steel mesh but they all tend to have what looks like plastic of some sort used for at least part of the frame.

The one on the bproof store is bpa free but I'm still not into putting anything, especially hot, through plastic bpa free or not due to pthalates or whatever other crap is going to be leaching out of them.

Anyone know of anything that is 100% metal and safe to use for this? Also curious why the bproof option isn't like this already?

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  • When I first went BP I had never had coffee so didn't know anything about how to make it. I've since purchased a French press, but here's what I started with from Amazon. It has no plastic whatsoever.

  • I realise that your original post was back in September (though the year I presume is this, so 2017? HELP if it's a year or more earlier - LOL!), but I hope you managed to find your 100% metal coffee filter. If you haven't, then here is one which is 100% stainless, and well made it is too, which I've recently purchased. There are other versions (brands/labels) of this product (exactly the same manufacturer I'm sure) but I chose this particular one because it came with a rather handy, nifty stainless measuring spoon-cum-clip, for not a lot more, but rather a good idea.

    I'm UK based, which may not be your locale, but nevertheless I'm sure that if you're in another country, that you'll likely still be able to obtain one of these filters as they seem widely available.

    Here you go, and I hope this helps:

    Ian :-)

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