What supplements for faster muscle gain?

Im trying to gain muscle mass quicker, what supplements would you raccommand please?
Also are there any hacks to speed up recovery, i heard cold showers after the workout can speed up recovery is it true? are there other ways?

I'm currently doing 2 weight lifting sessions per week (5-6 hours each).

Currently im using Creatine monohydrate powder (5-7g a day) , whey protein and BCAAs powder.



  • @Jason Miller said:
    You need to look at your nutrition first before trying any other supplements. You are using Creatine and whey protein already and their are no other supplements that are proven to work, even BCAA's have no benefit when protein intake is adequate. Probably the biggest thing you can look at for adding maximum muscle mass is your carb intake and total calories (assuming you are already at 1g/lb protein). What is your carb intake now and your total calories? what is your height and weight? you also want to maximize sleep.

    Cold showers are not recommended as it reduces inflammation which while making you feel recovered sooner, reduces blood and nutrient flow to healing muscles, you want inflammation after training to maximize blood flow and nutrient delivery after training. It is only helpful during competitions where you need to feel recovered as soon as possible so you can perform again shortly. Competition settings are much different than training sessions.

    Great advice thanks! So does that mean hot showers or sauna help recovery instead?
    Im not interested in competitions , not even that much concerned about strength, main goal is to just gain more muscle mass.
    Im 29, 158lbs (72kg), 6ft (183cm). low body fat 10-12%.
    Trying to stick to the ketogenic diet, - lots of butter/olive oil with veggies, most protein from whey protein powder, and im doing carb back loading after workouts to replenish glycogen. I'm not really counting calories should I?
    Are there better times during the day to get more protein/creatine, or should i just get them morning , day and evening?


  • @Jason Miller said:
    There just is no benefit to restricting blood flow after training, normal showers are perfectly fine, sauna would be fine as well but don't go out of your way if one is not readily available, focus more on your diet.

    You are in my opinion very underweight for your height and likely have no reason to be doing a keto diet as it is limiting your progress and goals, carbs are very anabolic so you should be trying to maximize them. Not knowing your current food intake is probably causing an issue as well, I'd be willing to bet that I have small women eating more than you. In order to grow you need to be in a caloric surplus.

    Protein is best consumed evenly throughout the day at around 1g/lb total, so you have a relatively constant stream of amino acids at all times. Your training day carbs should be closer to 300g or more, being keto may be causing some carb insensitivity so you may need to build up to that number.

    wow! are you saying i should ditch the keto completely? or keep the oils and increase carbs? any advice on what type of carbs are best?

  • change that workout schedule. who lifts for 5-6 hours straight. increase the frequency and decrease the amount of time spent on each workout session (1-2 hours is fine). maybe look into a preworkout to increase the intensity of the workout, mesomorph works pretty well for energy https://www.samedaysupplements.com/mesomorph-by-aps-nutrition-pre-workout.html

  • Protein is number 1 for me.
    Creatine and Laxogenin you can add on later.

  • I'm right there with you Gen2. We're the same body type and I'm trying to stick wit the bulletproof diet and gain weight! It's very hard but I'm going to try to make it work! Maybe up my protein intake and clean carbs and continuing taking in as much fat as I can? IDK

  • I have been really curious about this as well but the only thing legally, ethically and taking long term health into consideration to boost muscle mass growth I have found is protein and creatine. There is a very effective proven method that is the elephant in the room but I won't endorse it for obvious reasons. Still if you look in any gym in North America there is numerous individuals who are cheating their way to huge gains.

    Stick with the clean steady hard work and don't put timelines on your gains. I would suggest at your height and weight to bulk up as much as possible so you can lift heavier weights, then cut.

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