Sensitive to coconut oil & coconut products. Any alternative suggestions?

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I am new to BP and really want to follow the diet, but I'm sensitive to coconut products. I bought the BP brain octane to see if I could handle that formulation, sadly I cannot. Was thinking perhaps palm oil or red palm oil, any thoughts or suggestions?


  • MCT oil's are often starting problems in the gut in many people. Mostly it's because they start off with way too high doses.

    maybe start with natural coconut oil in small doses you could handle, work your way gradually up, and if your Body get's used to the coconut oil, you can do the same technique with MCT oils.

    hope it helped :)

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    I would cut it out for a while - food sensitivities are often an indication of having poor micro flora in your gut. Once your immune system is stronger, it might go away, but I would honestly stay away from inflaming yourself until your baseline is healthier and stronger. I would try probiotics and Olive Oil. No one should follow an online diet to the tee - we're all biologically different and have different immune responses to things. What is healthy for one, might be terrible for someone else.

  • You don't need coconut matter how enticing the benefits are. If you want to try and get MCTs without coconut products, ghee might be your best bet. The brain octane is probably 100% MCT while Coconut oil is 60% MCT. Sadly grass-fed ghee is only about 15% MCT, but even if you don't particularly notice the MCT effects, you will still get the benefits that aren't perceptively noticeable.

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