Concern over too much weight loss- possible eating disorder?

My best friend has been obsessed with Bulletproof coffee/diet the past 2 years and it has served him well. His energy has increased 100% and allowed him to accomplish much more and more effectively. However his schedule has become so busy that he often works from 8am-9pm ONLY on Bulletproof coffee. Then at 9pm he will have a solid meal. He does this 6/7 days a week and has consistently been loosing weight. He did not have much weight to loose to begin with and is starting to look unhealthily thin. He often counters my "nutritional support" argument by binge eating Ketogenic diet foods on weekends. Is this normal/healthy on the Bulletproof diet? I am concerned that in the long run, bulletproof coffee and 1 meal a day is not healthy. Help!!

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