Hiit training for mitochondria

I want to change my hiit routines to the better for my mitochondria.
In Daves book headstrong he says 4minutes hard run, 90sek lying on your back rest and 4 minutes run is good for mitochobdrial biogenesis.

Mark sisson is reffering to a study with 30sek sprints followd by 4minutes rest:

And this new study hs no informasjon about what kind if routine the followed, it only says hiit.


What is your suggestion for hiit/sprints to optimize mitochondria biogenesis?
And will hiit training like this boost BDNF?

My old routine was pure sprint training 4- 10sekonds with 1-3minutes rest. This will be more of a power workout, and different from the three refferes workouts listed at the top.

Is there a "golden rule" with the hiit training/training to activivate mitochondria biogenesis? So if i follow this" rule" i can rotate between different workouts.

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