Bulletproof Credit Card Database breached yet again

In the last year I have received two notices regarding Bulletproof's credit card databases being breached (Sept-Oct 2016 and Feb-May 2017) and my personal information being stolen including name, payment card number, expiration date and my CVV number.

Not sure if bulletproof uses the same security as Equifax, but goddamn ... who can you trust with this critical info these days? Apparently these days the onus is on us, the customer to watch your ass. Don't trust anybody!

After the first it happened I vowed to never use my debit card again in the bulletproof store and I have stuck to that, so this second breach doesn't have me nearly as nervous as the first one did. But it looks like this is the new normal.

Once that hacked security info from the NSA was proliferated throughout the underground as it was a while back, there have been a rash of just these types of incidents.

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