Bulletproof Credit Card Database breached yet again

In the last year I have received two notices regarding Bulletproof's credit card databases being breached (Sept-Oct 2016 and Feb-May 2017) and my personal information being stolen including name, payment card number, expiration date and my CVV number.

Not sure if bulletproof uses the same security as Equifax, but damn ... who can you trust with this critical info these days? Apparently the onus is on us, the customer to watch our asses. Doesn't matter if a vendor assures you the info is safe. Don't trust anybody!

Isn't Dave's original line of work in internet security? Hehe ... I may be wrong about that ...

After the first time it happened I vowed to never use my debit card (it's so convenient though) again in the bulletproof store and I have stuck to that, so this second breach doesn't have me nearly as nervous as the first one did. But it looks like this is the new normal for all of us.

Theory on what's going on: Once that hacked security info from the NSA was proliferated throughout the underground as it was a while back, there have been a rash of just these types of incidents. And I can imagine how much worse we might be had Apple doled out their security info at the behest of government back when they thought a Muslim man's iPhone may have contained terrorist related info. Good on Apple for resisting giving that info away to the govt after which it surely would have fallen into the wrong hands like so much of this apparently has.

Only use secure credit cards in the bulletproof store ... never debit cards. Hopefully then your bank can intercept the fraudulent use of your credit card numbers before the charges are passed on to you or your credit is negatively impacted.

Anyone else receiving these security breach letters left and right from bulletproof? I have received four of them. I was also wondering whether anybody has experienced someone actually trying to use this info to make purchases, as I have. My bank called to tell me that someone in Texas used one of my mastercards to secure $960 worth of storage space for God knows what. WTF?



  • I have received 4 of these notices and am now afraid to purchase anything else from the website. I've got credit card replacement fatigue and have had several fraudulent attempts on my accounts during this process.

  • I received same letter. How in the hell does a company go 6 months with malware on their system unnoticed? Dave Aspey must be selling our information on another cite. Such a con man. Most of the stuff on his website is absolute bullshit too. It’s all mostly a con!

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    I just had it happen again. This makes five times for me. Some guy tried to use my payment info to make an iPhone payment of $149 ... to the credit of my bank, they are staying on top of this. As for Bulletproof, they won't return my calls or emails regarding the matter. It's almost as if there is a gag order on them. I would have bailed on these guys a while ago if I didn't need XCT oil. Where else do you get XCT Oil? The stuff on Amazon isn't the same. They sort of have me by the short and curlys on this one. All I want is for someone from Bulletproof to call or email and give me some assurance ... like, they could say, "Yes, we are aware of the security breach. Here's what happened and what we are doing to prevent it happening again." ... Just something like that would mean the world to me in terms of how I talk about this company in public going forward. How do I recommend Bulletproof to family and friends ... "Here you go gang, get your personal payment info swiped from these guy!"

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    Great idea Jason. I was just coming on here to mention that.

    Here's the advice Scott M. from the Bulletproof Support Staff recommends for safe online purchases from the bulletproof store:

    "I can offer up a couple of alternatives. First option is to place your order using PayPal. It is very easy to set up a PayPal account and it adds another layer of security.

    The second would be to order through the Bulletproof360 store on Amazon.com. Prices here may vary from ours but it provides another method to get your Bulletproof orders.

    Thank you for your question. Let us know if we can help. Have a great day. - Scott M. | Bulletproof"

    | Scott

  • use bitcoin at the web store checkout. oh wait

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