Coffee substitute?

Hi, I have a slight (non-threantning) heart murmur that gets triggered when I drink strong caffeine. Prior to BP I only drank decaf coffee to offset the heart issue (skips beats, cant catch a full breath). Started BP today with their coffee and it triggered my heart murmur again. I can't feel like this all day long, is there an alternative to this coffee I can drink in the morning?


  • Start with some low caffeine variety of green tea, and if you can handle it well, try something like gunpowder green tea (it's one of the varietys with the most caffeine in it)

    you'll also have many other health benefits of green tea :)

    get the best out of you, physically and mentally:

  • I don't think you really need the bulletproof brand coffee, but if you insist, there is a bulletproof decaf available.

  • green tea is your need.

  • Maybe you could try green tea or low caffeine coffee

  • Green tea is great or you can look into Amino energy. Is blend of amino acids with caffeine. Each scoop is 50 mg of caffeine I believe which is less than a regular cup of coffee. You can always take less if you see any problems.

  • BrainSpankingNewsBrainSpankingNews Vitimus Maximus ✭✭

    Chicory root "tea" makes a coffee-like brew

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