Dave's Collagen Bars Destroy My Gut

When my local grocery store started selling Bulletproof Bars I was over the moon! The huge downside was that after I'd eat one, I was fine, but then when I ate something a little later for lunch, (I'm assuming because this pushed the ingredients of the bulletproof bar into my intestines) I become so incredibly bloated I can barely move. The gas and stomach distention are off the charts. Never in my life have I dealt with such horrible gas, diarrhea, and bloating. Even when I use MCT oil. And my stomach just hates me for the rest of the day, I can't even button my pants, it's so bad! Since they were recalled and are hopefully coming back to my local store soon, I'd love to try them again because they're the perfect breakfast to take with me to school. But there is no way in hell I'm touching those with a ten foot pole if they do what they did before. This time I will try adding some enzymes in the mix. Does anyone else have advice? I mean, I was on these bad boys for nearly 3 weeks and my body never adjusted. I love them and want to eat them but I also want to be able to button my pants lol!



  • These bars give me the same reaction! Actually, I had been eating them for months before the recall, with no ill effects. My first batch after the recall had me bloated and gassy to such a painful extent that I had to throw them out and cancel my subscription. Very sad about this. I hope someone has some insight! Since I consume XCT and Brain Octane regularly, I can only assume it is the inulin causing this reaction, though I'm not sure why it hadn't before. Dave claims to not have made any changes to the recipe post-recall.

  • I have just received bar's in the last two days and have had the same result!! , really foul gas and bloating and pain in the gut . I last had these bars maybe a year ago and no problems . I know you can get that from malitol or any of the ...tol type sugar substitutes but I don't see that in the ingredient list so not sure what ingredient is doing it .

  • I also have had terrible terrible feeling in like my upper stomach area after eating these. For some reason, I have never experienced the discomfort with the lemon cookie bars, it has been almost everytime though with fudge brownie or vanilla shortbread. The other night after dinner I felt like having one and I had terrible gas and discomfort and even woke up with a bloated stomach the next morning. They are so convienent though and taste really good.

  • Could it be a reaction to the cashews?? I just ate my first lemon bar, THEN started reading blogs. Silly me didn't read the ingredients first. Someone posted about cashews. So I read the ingredients. I stay away from cashews because of the stomach issues many of you mentioned. Now I'm sitting, waiting for my belly to blow up, but because of the cashews. I'm not allergic, at least not that I am aware of.

  • My main concern was that it says manufactured with WHEAT and SOY and MILK. I'm very surprised Dave let that happen... I react to Gluten & Soy normally and don't feel it with these.

  • i have never tried one because i like the two bars i buy way too much. my favorites are Clif Builder's protein bars and syntha-6 crisp bars

  • I am having the same reaction as most of you discussed. I began buying them at Whole Foods in December and continued until they stopped selling them. Might this have been because of the recall? I didn't know about a recall, but I did not notice any gas with the bars until I ordered them online from the company. Can anyone shed light on this? Maybe Dave could address this?
    I'm wondering if it could be the lectins in the cashew butter. What a shame if that is the case. The bars are SO delicious!

  • I am just wondering if anyone got an answer to this problem? I love the bars but they give me the same stomach problems.

  • I hope that I can help answer this question for you all! The bars likely bother your stomach (and mine!) because the main ingredient, cashew butter, is a high-FODMAP food. This large group of dietary sugars (FODMAPs) can be poorly absorbed in the small intestine and fermented by bacteria to produce gas, bloating, and other digestive distress. Even just 10 cashews contain high amounts of galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) -- a FODMAP that we all malabsorb. I would recommend downloading Monash University's low-FODMAP diet guide (it's a mobile app) if you're curious to learn more about FODMAPs and IBS trigger foods.

  • So? It’s now October. I’ve been eating between one and three of these bars a day for several weeks now and I have terrible symptoms above mentioned gas bloating etc. could it still be the bad batch?

  • I guess the above comment answers my question I’m so bombed because I love these things I thought they were a great addition to my restricted diet for IBS

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