Bulletproof intermittent fasting issues

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I have been on this part of the BDP for over a week, I’m experiencing some brain fog and I believe I’m starting to feel the symptoms of getting sick. Also, I have been feeling pretty constipated as I have not had Solid stool for a couple of days. A little background, before this diet I was eating pretty terribly. I’ve read people getting something similar like this called the keto flu. I’m not sure if this is happening to me at the moment. Do you guys think this might be why I’m having issues now?


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    Keto flu is more like a general malaise. It's your body learning how to stop using glucose as the primary fuel and start to use ketones. Until it is able to switch back and forth you may have low energy, a general blah feeling. Some people get brain fog from it.

    If it's keto flu, I'd suggest having some carbs or fruit to help. Have some sweet potatoes or berries. If that helps, your body needed some glucose to keep your brain and other things happy. You can go slowly - decreasing carbs over time until your body is able to switch back and forth without torturing you.

    The lack of bowel motility is a different problem, but might be related. Make sure you're eating plenty of vegetables and/or fiber - you need some volume of food to make it through your GI tract regularly to keep your body healthy.

    If you're feeling bad like this, there's no reason not to take things slowly. There's a lot of benefit to eating bulletproof without going low-carb, and once your body gets used to better foods you can decrease the carbs over time.

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