Options if I don't like coffee?

I do not like the taste of coffee. I've made what I'm calling a "bulletproof Frappucino", but it might be defeating the purpose of the drink... coffee, ice, MCT oil, 3 T heavy cream, 1 T dark cocoa powder, and SF caramel syrup. Do you think the cocoa and cream contribute enough calories to break the fast?


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    The cream and cocoa should be fine...but have you tried grassfed butter instead of heavy cream? Also is the heavy cream grassfed? Odd that the cream and cocoa concerns you, but the caramel syrup doesnt. I bet its artificially flavored and sweetened...

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    If "SF caramel syrup" means sugar-free, then that's not good - usually sweetened with splenda which is not good for you.

    Instead of heavy cream you can use ghee. There are lactose sugars in heavy cream - not as much as in milk, but you'd be better off using butter or ghee.

    If the dark cocoa powder is sugar free, it should be fine. I use unsweetened cocoa powder.

    If you're looking to sweeten the coffee up, you can use stevia, xylitol or erythritol. I use stevia.

    Otherwise, if you don't like the taste of coffee, drink something else. You can get benefits from drinking coffee (caffeine, polyphenols), but those aren't enough of a reason to drink it if you don't enjoy it. There's no reason to torture the coffee or yourself if it's just not your thing.

  • Ok. I changed my recipe. It is a mocha now... coffee, 1/2 T dark cocoa (unsweetened), MCT oil, 1T Kellygold butter, dash of vanilla extract, and stevia. (No cream and no sugar free Toriani syrup.) Thanks for the help!

  • You can also add some cacao butter as well, I did not like Bulletproof Coffee with just cacao powder, when I added the cacao butter, the taste was out of this world!

  • I will try to find some cocoa butter! My mocha tasted pretty good, and seemed to satiate me longer than the old recipe.

  • Your coffee could be simpler if you get vanilla stevia drops from nu naturals. Worth looking into when you run out of what you have. Wegmans sells cocoa butter in blocks. What I do is put it through my blender to grind it into a powder. It's...powder...it's so strange to have a dry powder that is actually pure fat...but yeah, it's good stuff.

  • You recipes is very interesting . But I think that the cocoa and cream don`t contribute enough calories to break the fast. Rather the opposite.

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