How to Increase Deep Sleep

Hi all, I am really struggling to get more deep sleep. I am usually in bed for around 8 hours, and am not awake much throughout the night. I just can not seem to get into deep sleep. I monitor sleep using an Oura Ring, and my deep sleep is usually anywhere from 0-30 minutes a night. I feel sleepy and weak after lunch everyday. Even if I take Sleep Mode, my deep sleep is no good. I take all of the important normal vitamins/supplements, and towards night I take Magnesium, GABA, 5-HTP, L-Theanine but nothing seems to get me that deep sleep. I also use the Sleep Induction Mat, my room is blacked out, and I also use TrueDark Twilight glasses before bed. From this info, is there anything I could be doing wrong? Caffeine is cut out by noon and I am typically in bed from 9pm-5am. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  • Thank you for replying, I eat dinner about 6pm and go to bed at 9pm. I do not believe I eat loads of protein or carbs in the evening, probably 30g Protein and 25g Carbs and lots of fat with dinner. The volume of dinner is probably somewhat large because I eat lots of vegetables with my dinner. My lunch is very little to no carb, and lots of fat as well. Breakfast is BPC. Not sure what could be throwing it off, but maybe try eating dinner a tad earlier?

  • Sounds like you're already doing a whole lot right!
    Stress level could be an issue?
    Making sure you're getting into parasympathetic mode more -- restorative (as opposed to active) yoga works well for this...

  • I'm watching ASMR before sleep, mostly in Polish couse they've got a lot of shhhhh and other strange sounds in their language. I fall asleep after about 5 minutes

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