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Hi everyone,
My husband and I have been totally BP for about 5 years now. We have an almost 3 year old boy who I am still breast feeding. He is also on a BP diet except he does not have coffee, thank goodness otherwise his energy levels could shoot him to Mars and back before Elon Musk.
My question is:
I feel a taboo to breast feed him at 3 (I was breast fed till 4). Everyone that I meet sort of peer pressure me into weaning him. I just want to ask if it’s a bit too much to be breastfeeding him?
We practice attachment parenting and I only use natural stuff for his bath so no sulphates, parabens etc.
The other ongoing issue we have is he doesn’t talk. He understands a lot better but he has very few words - around 50. His development in other areas is fantastic, he is a very happy boy. We also think he’s not autistic and everyone seems to be at loss because he doesn’t talk. He communicates well with gestures and pointing. He doesn’t go to day care and he is raised in a polyglot family (I speak 6 languages and my husband speaks 2).
Any advice please?


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    I would say to be sure he's eating well, which it seems you have covered... I would be sure to lessen language confusion by sticking to a single language until he gets it. Otherwise, do what seems right to you and don't worry about what others think.

    As long as you're limiting physical, emotional and chemical stress on him, he should be fine.

    Lastly, if he had a hospital birth, you may want to find a corrective chiropractor to check spine alignment, in case there is a misalignment causing strain on the nervous system, limiting function. If this is an issue, then no matter how great he eats or how great his life is, he cannot be 100% in health.

    Are you in need of a Bulletproof Diet coach??





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  • It’s very common for kids raised bilingual or multilingual to be slow/ late to speak, but typically catch up and excel when they’re ready. That said, 3 is a little late, might want to talk to your pediatrician.

    A chiropractor can also help. Also get a vision evaluation (not just your pediatrician’s screening test), with ideally a developmental optometrist. Sometimes a kid needs glasses and getting them can open his world.

    As for breastfeeding, that’s between you and your child, nobody else. I nursed my first until 3.5 years, second until 2 plus. Baby 3’s first birthday is tomorrow and my mom’s asking “are you STILL nursing?!” Who cares. You know your kid and what he needs.

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