Neck injury lifting has led to inflammation in arms and upper back - need hacks

Hey guys,

I strained my neck pulling dumbells up and over on an incline pres about four weeks ago. While the initial tightness and pain have subsided, there is still general discomfort and muscle weakness in my upper body - neck, shoulders, upper back, arms. I've confirmed with a doctor that its not a pinched nerve and I am doing some basic exercises with a physical therapist.

However, asking them about things I should do for the inflammation - supplements, diet, biohacking - their eyes glazed over. I am reaching out to this brilliant community to see what other things I could do to help calm my body down a bit. I've been doing some foam rolling, PT exercises, trying to stay low-inflammation/BP diet and taking MG and also using frankincense essential oils to massage it a bit.

What else am I missing?


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