Effects of BulletProof Coffee + collagen-protein + MCT against intermediate fasting

I am on the 18/20 hour fasting protocol - only eating between 2PM-8PM (ish). I have been drinking the BP Coffee (w/o protein). I am looking to use the BP Coffee + Protein during the fasted period. Does this break/kill the benefits of the fasting?


  • Abe_RAbe_R
    edited November 2017

    You'll get hungry sooner, I do this when I work out in the mornings.

    5-6 GYM
    7-12:30 BPC & Collagen / Whey (Its usually 2 cups with collagen and then I let the rest cool off & add water and BP whey)
    12:30-6:30 Feed window

    I prefer not do this, but that's basically what its like when I do... Also I would usually have "GET Some" Ice cream or something equally high fat with a little protein before bed otherwise I would wake up light headed...

    **Ideally I would only have the protein in decaf coffee later in the day instead... I usually do this when I get home from work if I worked out during lunch or the previous day

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