Quest MCT Powder

After reading about this here and on various other sites I purchased some. Mixes great, makes my afternoon decaf coffee taste nice and creamy. Heard it is great to bake with and will try that out today. All great except for the one ingredient that probably makes it taste and feel so good - soluble corn fiber. I inquired about it and got this response.

Hello Diana - Thank you for messaging in your inquiry! The soluble corn fiber we use in all our products is GMO-free, except the fiber used in our MCT Oil Powder. The reason for this is because we source that from a different manufacturer which uses a different Soluble Corn Fiber. The fiber itself though sourced from corn, has little to no corn left in it once we have gotten it down to it's purest form of fiber.
As of right now, Quest's mission is to create foods you crave that are healthy with little to no carbs or sugars. Everyone will have a unique diet and there will be some people where Quest products will not fit into their chosen diet and we understand that. We support everyone making the right choices for their health and continue to go after our mission for those of our fans who are on a Quest with us


  • Abe_RAbe_R
    edited November 2017

    The question is whether their process gets rid of the lectins and mycotoxins that are sure to have originally been in the corn.

    My guess is NO and I'll take a MCT/Brian Octane Capsule instead

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