I need some input, please! :)

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the bulletproof coffee regimen. I initially got interested in trying it because lately my body has started reacting differently to caffeine (both coffee and tea). I used to be able to drink several pots a day with no problem at all, and I drank it through the entire day. My theory is that I've just had too much coffee and that this has caused some kind of intolerance, but I have no idea. Anyway, now I get extreme, gnawing hunger after only half a small mug of black coffee - no matter how large my breakfast was or how full I was before drinking my cup. This is incredibly frustrating because I'm a student and I NEED my coffee to be able to drag my tired body off to uni in the morning. But the hunger is absolutely horrible. It feels like I've never eaten anything in my life. I also feel disoriented, shaky and nauseated after just a small cup, which I only used to experience after huge amounts.

If bulletproof coffee is supposed to help you feel full for longer, could this be a safe option for me even though my body apparently doesn't like the effects of caffeine anymore? Or should/could I substitute the coffee with something else just to get the effects of fullness? I eat at least 6 times a day (especially if I've had coffee that day), but I hate it because it requires a ton of planning if I'm going to uni or work. I'm looking for a way to stay full for longer and this sounds like the perfect way, but considering how much I eat I don't know if this is for me? I'm worried I'll just end up adding a ton of unnecessary calories.
Also, can I drink the bulletproof coffee WITH breakfast as opposed to substituting breakfast with the coffee? I'm not sure I feel comfortable skipping breakfast, as I am extremely hungry in the morning and need lots of nutrients to get through the day. I am willing to try It, though.

Obviously I have no idea what I'm doing and just want some input from someone with a little more experience, so I'd be very grateful if anyone could take the time to share your opinions :)

For reference I am 25 y/o, female and around 50 kgs.

Thank you!!

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