Water Fast vs. Fat Fast

Posted this last night, but it seems to have disappeared. Not sure how these forums work and why my posting is still not approved after eight hours, but here I go again....

I recently discovered Bulletproof and definitely enjoy the coffee concept, the Brain Octane Oil, Dave's passion for health, and the wonderful information. However, I must admit that the idea of this license to gorge myself on fat has not been good for me. Although I should ideally tip the scale between 127 and 132 pounds, I allowed myself to inch up to 147. This shamefully gluttonous result occurred even though I was hiking four to five hours a day, limiting my daily eating window to 60-90 minutes (other than the fatty coffee and occasional spoonful of coconut oil / cocoa butter), and eating quality food in the proper bulletproof manner.

I admit that it was unwise of me to so readily buy in to the idea that calories are meaningless as long as I ate quality food, but there I was. It was time for a radical move! A few months ago, when I was dating, I had to behave myself a bit more and knew that if I merely took an eating break for one to three days, I could get right back down to my optimal range. Whenever I inched up to 138, I put the breaks on eating for a few days and water fasted my way to my next date night while I looked forward to the wonderful places the guys would take me, or the meals they would prepare for me. My longest fast of all was a five-day water fast before a first date I was particularly excited about.

I felt amazing, and never more energized than immediately after that fast and leading up to my first delightful piece of break fast watermelon. (I still have pictures of it in all its sacred perfection.) The enjoyment I experienced from food as I settled back into eating on my post-fast day (the day before Superbowl Sunday 2017) was to this day among the most delightful eating sensations I have ever experienced. (The sea bass and creamed spinach from Mastro's of course is on an orgasmic level also, but I'm convinced they put crack in that stuff, so it doesn't count.) This food orgasm was the real deal!

Prior to that fast, my skin had been breaking out, food was not giving me pleasure and I felt a bit out of control. In five empowering days, I reset my pallet, lost 12 pounds, cleared my skin, detoxed myself from a nasty addiction to Coke Zero, and began a new relationship with food where I was now in the driver seat and no longer a passenger. Who knew that simply ceasing from consuming calories for a few days could be so empowering? Plus I slept better than ever those days and saved a fortune on dental floss besides.

The first date I had so excitedly anticipated was indeed magical and though the man never enjoyed a second date with me (long story), I definitely looked and felt incredible for that evening, and to this day, he still claims to be madly in love with me (but I digress...). The point is that that the five days taught me that it only really sucks a bit on day two if you have to detox and that I truly was fine without eating for several days. I now had a powerful tool at my disposal. Taking an eating break was by far superior to any "diet" I had ever tried and the results were downright astounding. No wonder Jesus, Muhammad, Hippocrates, Buddha, Mark Twain and so many others all espoused the wonders of fasting.

After I decided to take a dating break a few months ago, I no longer had to behave myself and the weight crept up. (Dating just wasn't fun, I was tired of breaking all the guys' hearts, and I discovered that learning a new language or reading was actually more pleasurable. Nonetheless, I did enjoy some great dinners and events and it kept my weight relatively under control out while I was doing it.)

So despite the fact that I felt fantastic about embracing my singledom by choice and liberated from the need to read through those hideous dating profiles any longer, I sat out my high school reunion because I wasn't looking my best and honestly felt some shame for that. I then committed myself to optimal personal health for MY sake and not just to look good for the next Match.com suitor.

I read more about Primal, Paleo, LCHF, inflammation, and the like and found my way to Dave Asprey and his Bulletproof promise that I could eat all the calories I desired as long as each item made the green list. And I did! But the scale was heading the wrong direction and my "Bulletproof" experiment had added another seven pounds to my thighs and hips. It was fast time for sure! Even my skin and lower back were telling me it was time.

So I considered, if fat really is a "freebie," perhaps a "fat fast" is equivalent to a water fast and I still get to eat! I know, here I was looking for something for nothing aging....

I did some research and came across Dave's Rapid Fat Loss Protocol. Felt like I needed to do something radical to lose the 20 pounds of shameful indulgence, after all. I ordered all the supplements as prescribed by Dave and dutifully awaited my shipments from Amazon and Bulletproof. I tried to behave myself on my 22.5 / 1.5 IF protocol and overcome that license to overindulge concept. Realizing that four to five hours of hiking a day was a bit overkill, I cut that in half. I thought a bit about what was driving my eating choices - socialization, boredom, indulgence, etc. and realized that I honestly had not been hungry at all. I was just eating because it felt good. The difference between eating for the sake of eating and delighting in food when you have true hunger is like the difference between recreational sex and passionate lovemaking (not that I would exactly know anything about this, but I suspect).

The scale continued to hover around 147 - 152 and I realized that it was much easier to do a water fast than try to exist on fatty coffee and butter alone. The fatty coffee is great, but when that's all you allow yourself and you're craving broccoli like crazy, it's pretty awful. It's really hard to think that I can bite into a stick of butter, but can't enjoy those fresh organic broccolinis and organic kale from Trader Joe's that are sitting in the refrigerator saying, "Eat me -- won't I taste delicious with that butter?"

So after failing at a few attempts at starting on Dave's fat fast, I gave up and committed to what I know works without driving myself crazy. Just as it's more challenging for an alcoholic or a smoker to enjoy an occasional indulgence of their poison, limiting myself to exclusively fat consumption was next to impossible. Furthermore, knowing how effortless and amazing a water fast can be, I reasoned that I needed to listen to my body and give it what it wants.

So I drank my coffee black yesterday and today, drank plenty of water and herbal tea, and I am now 40 hours into my zero calorie fast. Please join me any of you who would like - we can become Fast Friends. Do your research, search the internet, watch some of those Water Fast Log YouTube videos, read something by Dr. Jason Fung or check out Jimmy Moore. You will likely not find a single person who has experienced or studied the amazing benefits of fasting who will not joyfully and robustly sing its praises. My daughter has agreed to join me in this journey as we count down this next week to her 21st birthday. I know this experience will be the greatest birthday present I can give her as a mother and I'm so glad she agreed to participate as her gift to herself.

We will break fast on the 21st anniversary of the second and final time I gave birth on Tuesday, but you can remain in a fasted state longer. I can't wait to share our joys and misery with each other -- our food fantasies and our triumphs. Let's support each other through this amazing journey.

I have never posted anything like this in my life, but somehow I know that if I proclaim the fact that I am determined to complete an eight-day fast publicly starting from Monday the 9th at 4:00 pm, I cannot turn back. I had a false start Sunday because my son came home and suggested that we all go out to eat and again Monday because I worked from home to prepare frozen meals with the fresh organic veggies and pastured eggs which were too precious to waste. I honestly would have been fine avoiding food if not for allowing myself the fatty coffee, which led me to the pan drippings, and eventually the grass-fed Trader's Joe's 80/20 burger and spinach I ate before I cut-off eating and prepared to go on my date to the Hollywood Bowl with my daughter. Although she had asked if I would be interested in splitting her first ever hot dog from Pink's (she had her eye on the vegan avocado one and they are open until 2:00 a.m.), at least I realized that I had zero hunger and there was no reason whatsoever to eat.

Yesterday was effortless and incredibly liberating hunger-free -- just about 40 hours in so far and feeling great.

I will post again tonight or tomorrow to share my progress and hopefully delight in your decision to join me. Had a great sleep last night and feeling slimmer already at 146.

“The best of all medicines are resting and fasting.”
― Benjamin Franklin

“Everyone can perform magic, everyone can reach his goals, if
he is able to think, if he is able to wait, if he is able to fast.”
― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha


  • Fast has been going well, but after three days, I felt a bit weak and decided that a little coconut oil wouldn’t kill me. Trader Joe’s has these handy packets which are really convenient. Had some bulletproof coffee this morning to give me the boost I needed as well.

    Weight loss has been steady and I’m thrilled to know that I can add in a bit of fat when needed and still maintain my fasting state. That really is truly empowering. And shockingly, sucking on a bit of butter is actually sinfully delightful. It feels like sucking the butter out of popcorn. I would have thought there was nothing less healthy in the word when I was a kid.

    I'm going to discontinue this post, since there did not seem to be much interest.

  • Just curious - how did it go ? Considering a water fast and found your post. Thanks.

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