Neuroptimal - What it may be training....

I recently came across some information on the work Val Brown (founder of Neuroptimal) and what it may be training during the sessions. It was in a neurofeedback book. Its not totally clear, but it refers to the Period 3 Approach by Val Brown. This forum doesn't seem to contain that many technical geeks, so I will leave it high level.

It definitely trains SMR, which has been around since the 1980s, and it definitely up trains alpha in another segment, and it also does some beta and gamma cycling. It does this while inhibiting some delta/theta and high beta which is a common approach. The Period 3 approach may be somewhat outdated as a proxy for Neuroptimal. Anyway for interested folks, given the newer books, like Sebern Fisher, and older books which discuss alpha training, SMR training, Beta training, these are all tried and true. However, based on my personal experience with both Neuroptimal and 4 channel synchrony and amplitude training - I prefer the latter now cuz I can customize whatever protocol and site(s) I want to train, and the effects have been instrumental.

In fairness i have yet to implement the beta and gamma cycling so i dont want to discount that - nor what Val calls Dynamical - which from i understand is only relates to dynamically changing thresholds. I change my thresholds too throughout my sessions, but cant claim any fancy automated software that does this.

I did benefit from Neuroptimal, but getting a detailed brain assessment / map, and then understanding what as going on led me to a different approach to begin to make progress with some of my issues. My case is rather complex with a long history of trauma, ADD symptoms, an intreated closed head injury as a kid, and some brutal parents. I am a case study out of Sebern Fishers book, not actually, but I could be, lol. In my case Neuroptimal couldn't help me progress further until my high beta was resolved in the right rear part of my brain and my temporal lobes were cleared - and training the motor strip like Neuroptimal wasn't working. And now I m working on de-synching my beta brain waves (too much coherence), reducing theta, un doing some alpha beta reversals, speeding up my brain in general, and synchronizing the default mode network.

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