Detox Symptoms - Vibe Plate makes a "hangover" like I had 15 beers

Hoping someone can help me find some answers here, as I have been looking into this for the past couple of years with not much to go off of.

Age: 29
Sex: Male
Weight: 158 lbs

My related history:
4 years ago I started feeling what I would describe as hangovers from alcohol, as I had never had them. I started to realize these weren't hangovers in the sense of what everyone else knew as a hangover. It got so bad that even a single sip would leave me feeling horrible for up to 2-3 days. Conventional advice was "drink more water", "try not mixing alcohols" , "only have a couple drinks".... I tried all types of combinations, but they did not work. SO, I stopped drinking altogether, as the horrible feelings started to affect my performance and my cognitive function. I would describe the "hangover" symptoms as aches in my arms and legs, a sense of a fever, and tingly sensations. Similar to a cold or flue. A couple months ago I used a vibe plate for 15 minutes. The next day I had the exact "hangover" feelings I had with alcohol. It impacted my work, so I has hesitant to do it again. I tried it again the following week, and the same thing happened. So I stopped doing that. Yesterday, I did my 2nd cyro session and did 30 minutes in a Infrared sauna (my first time), and a couple hours later I was feeling similar hangover symptoms. Today I feel them as well. I will note that the hangover symptoms are always delayed until I start eating. I could go out and drink 15 drinks, then sleep. Wake up and go all day without hangover symptoms if I didn't eat. As soon as I eat, all the symptoms set in.

Possibly Related:
I would have a gastritis attack leaving me with intense chest and back pains (brought me to the ER) a couple times, usually following a couple alcoholic beverages (another reason I don't drink anymore). I also have multiple food sensitivities, and I believe i had low stomach acid and as a result low bile.

My Thoughts:
I suspect something is wrong with my detox systems. I have taken glutathione, but it does not appear to have an affect. There could be a lymph issue, but I don't know. My father and his father/mother had lymphoma, but was supposedly not genetic. Does anyone have any idea of whats going on with me? I don't want to fix this just so I can drink again, but all this signifies that a system in my body is not functioning correctly. I wonder how it has impacted my life in subtle ways. I would greatly appreciate anyone input, as my mother also feels similar sensations after getting something as simple as a massage.

Thank You


  • I have experienced similar effects when doing jogger trampoline or starting similar program. I think you hit the nail on the head. Detoxing so fast it cannot get out. One thing Dave and others do not seem to discuss or emphasize nearly enough in my opinion is cleansing the bowel. Once the intestines get moving and cleared out, this intense vibration or other exercises will not leave you with the same experience in my opinion. My recommendation is to studying cleansing the bowel. The very best cleanse I have found is by Dr. Richard Anderson at This cleanse has changed the life of thousands for the better and if a better herbal program exists, I have not found it. Download his resource guide from the web site and read all you can about his cleanse, you may be impressed. Drink plenty of non chlorinated, non fluoridated water and cut back on the amount of time doing the VIBE to a couple of minutes a session and build up as you can. This is my opinion only (this statement is to satisfy the FDA). Safe journey and good Vibing my friend.
    P.S. The first book he wrote is amazing, if you can find it. It’s been a while, but I believe its titled Cleanse and Purify Thyself by Dr. Rich Anderson ND

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