toenail fungus

i have nail fungus for awhile now and seems impossible to get rid of it, i went to the doctor and they prescribed me a ointment but its not working, i went on google to do some research and i stumbled upon .... am gonna check out there offers which seems legit and make an update.


  • Buy a red light or a combo or red/infrared and

  • kawabungakawabunga
    edited October 30

    You really need to get to the root of your fungus infection which is an overgrowth of Candida and starts and grows in the gut. A good probiotic will control your yeast infection and clear up any existing infections. I use the Plexus Probiotic 5 which is extremely effective at breaking down yeast using enzymes. You can buy it here

  • Do you ever stop peddling your product. Your mlm probiotic is not going to kill fungus in his toe.

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