Lithium orotate and especially dosing (5mg vs. 120mg?!?)

Hey in some podcasts (#222) and other podcasts (Tim Ferriss) a supplement that came up was Lithium-orotate...

It basically is supposed to be a mild mood-stabilizing/anti-depressant supplement and there are reports of people with bipolar disorder that replace their prescribed lithium medication with it doing good.

Tim Ferriss especially talked about taking it at 5mg/d for general and overall mood betterment and less negative/depressive thought looping since he reported life long struggle with that.

Now wether or not this is due to a "deficiency" along the lines of "our soils are deplete of lithium which in 'nature' we would naturally get more of" or due to another effect,.. I have a specific question about the dosing:

There are pretty stark differences in the supplements you can buy and especially in the dosing

Some are cheap with 120mg per capsule (and reviews say they take a few of them per day)
and then there is for example pure encapsulations with 5mg per capsule and much more expensive

Does anyone know more about this supplement, side effects and dosing recommendations?
I would like to try it out myself for overall general well-being and thought about giving it to my dad who battles with on and off depression who is also on an SSRI

But the difference between 5 and 120mg is really confusing

Any comments appreciated, thx!


  • Start with 5 mg maybe and see where it takes you. Lithium seems like an interesting mineral and to my awareness, required baseline levels are unknown in humans. It seems to act like a conducive element (think lithium batteries) and is effective for treating mainly the manic phases in bipolar disorder, when, it is speculated, the body somehow goes into over-drive and uses up excessive nutrients to the detriment of the times that follow. Now why orotate would be more effective than carbonate I do not know, but try it, I say.

    It didn't do anything for my funks, however.

  • I am currently testing it. Tentatively I want to say that it does something, but the effect seems like a minor improvement, less than 5%. Mood stabilisation for me has come more from mild-intense exercise through bicycling, adequate hydration and electrolytes, bulletproof diet and socializing several times a week.

  • Thx everyone so far...
    I was mainly wondering if the 120mg marketed packages rly have 120mg of Lithium but it seems many are 120mg of something, "of which" ~5mg are Lithium...
    It would be pretty curious if dosages would be that vastly different...

  • For all futur readers:
    I was able to clear up some confusion:

    5mg of lithium orotate from for example pure encapsulations:
    How much elemental lithium does this product have? If a 120mg capsule has 5mg elemental lithium, how much elemental lithium does the 5mg capsule have?
    Pure Encapsulations lists all minerals by their elemental amount. The Lithium (orotate) contains 5 mg of elemental lithium."

    whereas other companies list 120mg of lithium orotate which is ~4,6mg of elemental lithium

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