Adaptogen sensitive, any suggestions?

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The easy recommendation is to focus on other stress combating strategies, which I do, but I also am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and found that one adaptogen that works? So far I have tried:
-Ashwaghanda (head rush upon standing and headaches)
-L-theanine (not adaptogen, but makes me feel very out of it)
-Gynostemma (headaches and head rushes, irritability)
-Holy basil (brain fog)
-Rhodiola (anxiety)
-Panax ginseng, Siberian ginseng, American ginseng, (frequent urination, general feeling of being out of it)
Any others that I have not tried that may be helpful? The reason I have been so persistent is because all of the adaptogen benefits seem to fit perfectly with my symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, and general adrenal fatigue (guessing I am long term stage 4).


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    Rhodiola & Bacopa. These are probably the best two, with Eleuthero closely behind (I think you call it Siberian Ginseng... you may want to revisit that one... try a higher quality source.) Same thing with Red Korean (Panax) Ginseng, if you are getting a high quality you shouldn't be out of it from that...

    I make a tea of adaptogens when I'm at work & I run out of my BPC for the day... I add butter, MCT & hot water and shake it up.

    An example of high quality Adaptogens is Lost Empire Herbs (not affiliated, but Jonathan Roseland who recommended their products to me may be. He always recommends high quality stuff. This company even has CoA which is very rare in the U.S.A.)

  • Can anyone suggest a quality rhodiola supplement? I find supplements sketchy in general and I tend to buy familiar brands like Now Foods, but the Now Foods rhodiola has 10% 1 star reviews on amazon. I would prefer an encapsulated supplement over a powder.

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