What type of water should I drink for the right ph level, nutrients etc

I was wondering, I no longer drink out of plastic water bottles, but I don’t trust my own water filter from my fridge. I don’t know what to do, or water to drink that I can I be sure of. In addition i just don’t want to start jumping on to a band wagon of some special water.... welp, I’m paranoid, and I just want to quench my thirst.


  • im looking for an answer too. I want to do a water fast, but I don't trust my tap water and have no idea what mineral good quality water brands their are. Personally I don't like sparkling water, so I just want some good clean water in glass bottles.

  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    Water from a natural source in your region/country.
    You don't need anything special, just make sure it comes from a natural source, has no additives and is bottled there. Or if you happen to have a large piece of land with sources, use them.

  • i tend to drink the tap water, or i filter the tap water. a couple years ago i was drinking phountain water and it was literally like miracle water. it went down like air and just felt great but the store is a bit of a ways and i can't find myself driving 15 minutes for water every day

  • I found great water filters online. I was happy with the choice because I bought the ones that are perfect for my home.

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