Stomach pain a few hours after drinking BPC

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Hello everyone
I was on the BP diet for 1 week drinking the vanilla latte with butter and coconut oil with no stomach issues. Then my BP coffee and brain octane arrived on day 6. I tried the coffee and 1tbsp of brain octane oil. Got a stomach ache about 9 hours later at dinner time. I did have another plain BP coffee (that was sitting in my French press) cold around 2pm.
The next day I reduced the brain octane to 1tsp and had stomach pains again that day (few hours later around lunch time). These stomach pains are lasting several hours. On the second day I tried taking Apple cider vinegar in the evening and it did help eleviate the discomfort somewhat. I also had a second cup of BP coffee plain and black that day too.
The next day I went back to the vanilla unlatte (no BP coffee at all that day) and still used 1tsp of brain octane in my vanilla latte. That day no stomach pain!! This leads me to believe the coffee is the culprit. I'm thinking drinking such acidic coffee (black) on an empty stomach isn't the easiest thing for some people. In the past I always consumed my coffee with heavy cream (never black). Thoughts? Anyone with the same experience?


  • Try Lipase

  • If you suffer from digestive trouble when you consume fatty foods, then a lipase deficiency could be to blame.

    The above is a copy/paste. I'm sure it isn't this as I have brain octane, butter, water, and matcha tea every morning with no problems. It isn't a fat absorbing issue. I think the coffee drunk black is possibly too acidic on an empty stomach.

    My body may not be used to it. Before I went bulletproof, I'd drink coffee with 35% creme and had no problem.

  • Oh, well then if you insist on drinking it black, try a darker roast and/or coldbrew. That's what I used to do when coffee was too acidic... I don't have that problem with plenty of fat there with it though.

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