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Hey Guys, need some answers. I tried Brain Octane oil yesterday for the first time and i had immediate rush of mental clarity and a high feeling of energy, it felt great but then i started to get a headache. Im not sure why this is but iv been on a strict Keto diet for about 4 months now. Carbs always between 20-50g and im in constant ketosis, so do you think the extra rush of ketones going through my body was too strong? or was it because i had to much and my bodies not used to it or is it something i will adapt too? I love Bulletproof and also enjoyed the clarity and energy buzz from Brain octane so i want to continue with it, i just dont understand why i had the headache? Any thoughts?


  • There are too many things to count that could cause a headache from EMFs to Blue Lights to air pollution (mold, smoke, etc.) to unexpected food contamination... It (probably) wasn't the brain octane... Brain octane is just the C8 (Caprylic Acid) part of MCT oil... maybe you get a headache relief effect from the C10 that is normally there and just felt different without it.... I have read that C10 helps Alzheimers and stuff so if you have anything neurodegenerative in family history (I do, a lot) you may want to stick to regular MCT...

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