B.P diet side effects?

Hi, I just started BP Diet from yesterday. In my case the purpose of this diet is not weight losing, but I was hoping this might fix my Chronic acne problem.
Anyway I Started BP diet from yesterday (Sunday lunch)...

Lunch: 1:30~2:00
1 Avocado + 200g of smoked salmon (Norway) [I have no choice. In my country there are no wild salmon]

         symptom: I feel nothing

Dinner: 7:30~8:00
(Grass fed) beef patty + (steamed cabbage, carrot, lettuce) Salad with olive oil + MCT oil dressing

         symptom: light headache, my head feels heavy and dull

Before sleep: 11:00
1.5 tsp of wild honey

Breakfast: 8:50~9:15
B.P Matcha (1tsp of MCT oil + Matcha 10g + Butter 1.5 tbsp)

            symptom: light headache, my head feels heavy and dull, I feel sick [nausea]

so my questions are...

  1. Am I experiencing so called "Keto-Flu"???
  2. Generally how long does this symptom last for?
  3. Can I eat 1.5 tsp of wild honey before I sleep?

Help me people...



    1. No
    2. Depends
    3. Yes

    What was your diet like before yesterday?
    I think your symptoms could be due to not eating your usual foods, amount of total food/calories, or macronutrient ratio.
    It takes some time to get used to utilizing fats for energy. Maybe add some carbs back in by cutting the amounts you once ate in half for a week or two before eliminating them, or just keep doing what your doing and "tough it out" and see if you get acclimatized.

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  • Have more salads like spinach, celery, cucumber, broccoli, - these will all give you minerals and vitamins that you need. Drink enough water and add Himalayan pink salt on your food - you need the sodium. the MCT oil gave me headaches when I first started it. brain octane is VERY strong so you need very little. I had to only have half a teaspoon at meals to begin with, now im on 3 teaspoons a day and I feel no headaches just clear headedness and energy. Try to cut back on the MCT, it definitely sounds like what happened to me. Have a small amount and build it up. its potent.

  • Also if you were having a lot of carbs before, you'll feel very sick changing to a bulletproof diet. you'll get glucose cold turkey, so take it easy, it will be hard to adjust to if you were on a lot of carbs previously.

  • I do the Honey on reefed day, but otherwise Collagen + MCT OIL in Tea/decaf coffee helps sleep just as much as the Honey would...

    Dave did an article on this.... the Honey and Collagen shouldn't be on the same night.... so 5-6 days a week do the collagen and 1-2 do the honey

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