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  • How about getting an Edison Bulb?


    I have one for my bedroom and it seems to help when I'm reading.

  • i have been using a pair since January. i cannot provide minute day-to-day details on how it has affected me, but i feel like i am getting sleepier earlier in the evening when i use them frequently.

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  • I ordered the ugly ass UVEX glasses and have been using them for the last 3 days..


    I also found these and they seem to be much less of an eyesore.. What do you guys think? 



    Are they bulletproof will they do the job as well??


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    Just thought I'd toss in on this topic as well. Particularly for those who have shared what my concern was when getting into the blue blocking glasses phenomenon, which is wanting something that they could potentially wear around other people or even in public without looking like a 1st class weirdo.

    I have a couple pair of wraparounds that I tried using, like the safety glasses that seem to be so popular, but then I found these:

    The photo of the glasses doesn't actually show the orange lenses but I assure you they are. Someone at amazon has the wrong link to the image there.

    I wear these pretty much everyday now. Like others I'll put them on in the evening. Most importantly, though, I wear them in public when I'm out in the evenings and I know I am going to want to wind down soon. People have actually commented that they like them. Far better than the "weirdo" vibe you might get from the safety glasses.
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    They look like this:
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  • So I was in "big box" store last week and ran into this bulb.



    It was $4 so I decided to give it a try. I have to say I am quite impressed. I went back and bought 4 more of them. I use this at night to read and am really impressed at how well they work. I really don't think this emits hardly any blue. I get the same results using this light as I do my UVEX glasses.

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    Cool, well my Uvex glasses arrived this morning, so I'm pretty stoked to try them out tonight.


    So far my efforts have mostly been:

    1) F.lux on my computer.

    2) Turning off as many lights as possible in the 4 hours or so before I go to bed.

    3) Getting as little exposure to light as possible as night time and trying not to look in the direction of light.

    4) Going to bed at a reasonable hour and waking up at the same time every day.

    5) Instead of laying in bed and reading a book like I love to do, I've been turning off all of the lights and listening to a podcast for an hour while waiting for my magnesium and melatonin supplements to kick in as well as my natural melatonin production.


    Which have all given me pretty good results I must say. I use Pzizz as well sometimes, but I only listen to it for about 20 minutes to help me relax then I turn it off before going to sleep. Reason mainly being is that I have 60% hearing loss in both my ears due to premature birth and the voice/sounds aren't clear enough for me to hear properly when they come out of the speaker. 


    With these glasses I plan to put them on at around 8pm-9pm and then wear them until I turn off all the lights and go to bed at 11pm. Wake up at 6:30-7am depending on the movement that Sleep Cycle detects.



  • A nice Q&A on the TED Blog with circadian neuroscientist Russell Foster. The effects of light manipulation and light therapy are mentioned frequently.


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    I find my glasses work pretty quickly, sometimes I forget to put them on and only wear them for 10mins before getting ready for bed and then doing 10mins inner balance in bed, so maybe 30mins in total. Have trouble keeping my eyes open during my inner balance.


    I find the white noise devices are good at drowning out any extra noise that might stop you from dropping off. I have pzizz running for an hour, but doubt I hear more than 10-15 mins worth.


    Got turning my iPhone onto airplane mode every night before sleep into my routine now. So at the very worst I don't get woken up with txt messages, although if the worlds ending I'll never know :wink:


    Just earthing left to sort for my sleep hacking. Been testing the straps, but they don't seem to work at the moment. My earthing mat at work is working perfectly, but the straps in the same environment with the same connections aren't showing any improvements on the multimeter at the moment. So might be an earthing sheet on the cards along with that new sleep sensor (Beddit). Once funds are available of course :wink:


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    @Katolotus - Instead of airplane mode you can always use "Do Not Disturb" mode, which is customizable allowing you to specify accepting calls or messages from specific people. This is what I use, just in the unfortunate chance that if, say, my parents were calling in the middle of the night it would likely be a dire emergency.
  • Yeah, I use that, but let favourite calls come through.


    The bigger issue is turning off the wifi and phone signal, so you don't fry your brain (if it turns out it does). iPhone is used on my mattress by my head all night for the sleep cycle app, so it's more about the waves ;-)


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  • The Italian company, Beretta makes shooting glasses.  Not bad looking as these things go.  You can see them on the USA site:


    Around $15 USD


    You can likely find them in Europe.

  • Those look just like these:


    I got my pair of the above and they work just as well as the uvex and they are not as ugly at all... 


    I def recommended this pair....


  • You need to make sure they are 100% blue light blocking. Being yellow/orange tint isn't enough! I bought 3 pairs before I got it right. These two above don't mention blue light anywhere that I could see (although I'm not good a looking) ;-)


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