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    You need to make sure they are 100% blue light blocking. Being yellow/orange tint isn't enough! I bought 3 pairs before I got it right. These two above don't mention blue light anywhere that I could see (although I'm not good a looking) :wink:


    The dark Amber lens is all that is required to block the blue spectrum of light..



    Edit Here is a helpful PDF



    that is a fascinating guide. thank ou for sharing!

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    Just ordered a pair of these:

    Looks better, and more comfortable, than my current pair of full wraparounds.
  • Interesting, but doesn't say it blocks 100% blue light, from the info I've seen you can get lenses that block only a certain percentage. You don't want any blue light if you're using these to help sleep. 80% means you're still getting 20% blue light.


    Need to look into it more. The glasses I got to start with seemed to help, but not nearly as much as when I got the correct ones.


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  • Isn't it more about the blue light blocking abilities more than the actual colour of the lenses. As long as they're blocking 100% of blue light, they'll do the job to help you get ready to sleep.


    The glasses I've posted a link to are 100% blocking, you can order different colours and shading and still get the 100%. You don't want to be ordering just a colour that won't block the light. As I've made that mistake twice! :wink:



    That link ( seems to come up empty now, and of the glasses on that site now the closest I could find was 54% Blue Blocking Protection. Im thinking the ones you bought discontinued now? :(

  • Two interesting observations that I've made in my short time using my blue light blocking glasses so far (The UVEX ones from Amazon):


    1) I wear contact lenses and usually find them absolutely unbearable to wear at night. Usually they make my eyes feel extremely tired and sore/scratchy even if I'm not actually physically or mentally tired. However of course I can't wear my normal glasses and these glasses at the same time, so I've been wearing my contacts all day long until going to sleep and I've found that my eyes feel fine when I have these new glasses on.


    2) After wearing the glasses for an hour or two and then taking them off again (just for interest's sake), the sudden exposure to blue light again leaves me feeling slightly dazed. A lot like the feeling you get when you have been out in bright sunlight for a while and then suddenly go indoors to where there is no sunlight (and perhaps not a lot of artificial light), where everything seems incredibly dark and "unreal". I guess this makes sense because it's almost like the opposite effect that is in action right?

  • Interesting:


    2. Reduce or eliminate blue light.

        Blue light waves (400-500 nm) are responsible for the haze you see in bright sunlight, and a growing compendium of research is showing that this frequency can also be hazardous to the lens and retina. For a great deal of information on the effect of light on the retina, see "Artificial Lighting and the Blue Light Hazard (The Facts About Lighting and Vision)" in the MD Support Library.

        To protect your eyes from blue light and to increase contrast, you need to look for specific tints:

    • orange, red-orange = 100% protection (no visible blue)

    • yellow, amber, gold, brown = Moderate protection (some visible blue)

        Beware of any company that advertises 100% blue light protection by colors other than orange or red-orange. The best way to tell is to try them on. If you can see blue, they are not blue-blockers.

        It is important that you realize how 100% blue-blockers will distort other colors. For this reason, you should not drive with them on. You will also find that your color perception will be out of kilter after removing them (yellow school busses will be a beautiful pink, for example). Don't worry, you will return to normal in a few minutes.

  • question is, when does yellow become orange ;-)


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  • Very interesting thread. And I like the idea from katolotus about using airplane mode at night. I use the Sleep Cycle app, too, and wondered about having it a foot away from my head all night. Wish we had more definitive data about stuff like this.


    Re the glasses, one question; I'm assuming that you want to wear this right up until the time you turn the lights off, right? So if you read in bed before doing that, you want to wear these while you're reading? If so, how is reading with these things on, any issues? And has anyone tried to fit the Uvex ones over reading glasses?

  • I do my inner balance in bed with them on and I run f.lux on my phone too. You shouldn't have any issues reading with them. I put them on in the morning to take them, with my coffee stuff, out of the bedroom and keep forgetting to take them off. Bright when you do! 


    I've had great success with mine. Even washing my face before bed, I pull them up with my eyes closed, wash face, pull them back down, so no blue light gets in. I'm sleeping so well at the moment and waking with plenty of mental energy. Only averaging around 7hrs at the moment, which I want to increase up to 8 again. Pzizz is working well too!


    Earthing while sleeping is coming soon ;-)


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  • Katolotus....I don't want to take this thread off task, perhaps I'll start another. But I'd love your take (and others') on the sleep cycle app, and Pzizz. I use Sleep Cycle every night, but I don't like how they calculate the sleep quality percentage, so I'm trying to find a better way to interpret what it's telling me. And I've tried Pzizz, jury is still out there.


    Ordered the Uvex glasses, very interested in trying it. If I get good results, gonna see if I can get my wife to try them. She had a pinealoma that destroyed her pineal gland, invaded the brain stem, etc... Had a very hairy surgery she almost didn't survive to get it all out and there's been no recurrence, but her sleep patterns are a mess since then. Perhaps this can be a helpful tool to get them a bit more normalized.

  • I might move over to Beddit when it comes out if it's any good. Could replace sleep cycle. there's a thread on Beddit in the sleep section.


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  • Check out this little gem I found.. 



  • Check this one out ladies:


    Make your own low blue bulbs, make blue blocking covers for your TV, computer etc...


  • Does anyone know a UK supplier of low blue light bulbs?

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