relation between low electrolytes and weak thyroid?

I am going to run some labs, soon, and I was beginning to suspect that my sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium were out of balance and it might be causing my thyroid/metabolism to slow down and make me feel weak. anyone have any experience with this? I started feeling weak and chronically fatigued about a month and a half ago, and noticed on my labs that my thyroid had slowed down in july. Not quite hypo, but a 3.6. (I think I have that right) I want to resolve this, and I am reevaluating and fine tuning my BP/ketogenic methods. ANy input would be greatly appreciated! been BP for about 1.5 years.

if it turns out something must be done, I will turn down hormones temporarily for an opportunity to explore other possibilities and am fielding suggestions.

I'll post as more info becomes available....


  • I tried feeding my adrenals with good success, I use a product twice a day by jigsaw, I also use their Mag SRT.

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