caffeine and PMS

I have concluded, after some personal experimentation, that caffeine causes me more inflammation. :(
i think i have been dealt the card that says i cannot use caffeine without the crippling PMS/post workout aches and pains. i came about this conclusion by only adding caffeine during certain months, and then taking it out of my routine during the next month. i noticed during the months that i use caffeine, i wake up with the old aches and cramps i used to have pre bp, PMS in particular. ie they are so debilitating i cant help but feel like crying for an hour after getting up, and i feel them throughout my entire body for days. Nothing else i am taking, and nothing else in my routine has changed except for i am now working out as of about a week ago. but i started this experiment about four months ago and got the same PMS symptoms.

i guess my question, fellow biohacking women, (and men, if they want to add in :) ) is, can i find a way around this? i love caffeinated coffee, and hate decaf because of the awful chemical process it goes through, and the loss of flavor and nutrients. I do not want to take medication/birth control because i have tried that in the past and it triggered a lot of health problems.

should i just make a bp smoothie with the brain octane oil, and move on from coffee? I love my local Alaska roasted beans/bp coffee beans, but oh, the pain-

i am open to any suggestions to anyone who feels what i am going through... at the moment i am trying to resist lying in the fetal position for the rest of the day lol...

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