anxious, irritable, and negative thoughts more prevalent on all forms of Carnitine?

edited November 2017 in Stress Hacking

I want to know, has anyone experienced any anxiety effects from taking l carnitine in any form? i noticed after one month of not using it, (i had been using it for about 1.5 years) i felt the calmest i've felt in years, and the anxiety and negativity returned when i took 500 mg of Acetyl l carnitine again yesterday. i tried taking GABA, but all that did was make me feel more depressed on top of that...

does anyone think i should just find an alternative that has similar positive effects on my weight loss? any suggestions? I'm at the tail end of what was a very tough year and my feelings of positivity are very important to me at this time but i know L carnitine gives you mitochondrial energy and weight loss benefits. i am open to any input, thank you, fellow bpers!

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